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Monday, November 16, 2020

Millenium Falcon is 100 microns long ... Moortec sold to Synopsys ... Future trends in verification

Weekly newsletter from Nick Flaherty

Some great stories over the last week, with a major UK tech acquisition for monitoring the latest system on chip designs, to a tiny, tiny Millenium Falcon 3D printed on a process that also makes leading edge MEMS devices. And if you still use Fortran as a programming language, it has been ported to the new generation of Apple Macs.

The 'state of the nation' interview on verification following the DVcon Europe conference showed interesting trends in languages such as Python emerging, as well as the role of digital twins and the challenges of verification and validation.
Covid-19 and the US-China trade war continue to be major business issues for the industry, but companies are adapting well

And then there are some key technology announcements for electric vehicles and autonomous operation

Monday, October 12, 2020

2nm process technology development ... Designing AI accelerator cards with over 1000A ... II-VI power device division

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. Data centre AI drives potential $30bn AMD-Xilinx deal

 . Ruthenium shows way to 2nm
. End-to-end IoT links to Azure for ARM chips
. Jabil to make Covid-19 test cartridges in Ireland
. Free app turns public screens touchless for Covid-19
. Organic FET tackles size challenge
. XMOS launches SDK for the ‘artificial intelligence of things’
. European rugged boards to use Intel 10nm Atom x6000E Elkhart Lake processors
. Designing AI accelerator cards with currents over 1000A

. Removable battery pack gives high speed EV charger flexibility
. £160m boost for UK wind power
. II-VI launches power technology division
. Dürr aims at automotive battery makers with Techno Smart deal
. 300W open frame DC-DC converter draws 0.25mA in standby

. Cost effective AC-DC converters from 6W to 25W

. 300W AC-DC converter with triple isolated outputs for robotics and factory automation

. Micro Peltier modules have footprint down to 3.4mm square


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. 48V to 12V Converters for xEV Applications

. How Infineon controls and assures the reliability of SiC based power semiconductors

. AI chips: What they are and why they matter

. Functional safety for a digital world: from chips to systems