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 With quantum technology, the electronics industry is in a similar position to the 1970s with the emergence of silicon for integrated circuits. Back then there were multiple different semiconductor materials and architectures being explored to implement integrated circuits with different levels of funding, until the industry focussed on CMOS. 

The quantum industry is in a similar situation, with different approached from ion trap to photonics. Here are just some of my more popular articles and interviews with leading players on the technology

Chasing integrated quantum chips with FD-SOI

A quantum startup out of CEA-Leti in France is aiming to use existing silicon manufacturing with FD SOI to build large scale superconducting ...

Europe consolidates quantum production and test .. ...

Two key quantum projects have started today to consolidate quantum production and test technologies to boost sustainability.

£75m for UK quantum computer, sensor prototypes .. ...

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has announced £45m of funding for quantum technology projects, while the National Quantum Computing Centre ...

Italy gets its first quantum computer .. ...

US quantum computer maker SEEQC has demonstrated Italy's first full-stack quantum computer in its laboratory in Naples.

Project to drive European quantum technology to market .. ...

Project Qu-Pilot aims to accelerate the time-to-market and establish a trusted supply chain for quantum technology.

Open-source software for miniature quantum computers

Quantum Brilliance has announced the full release of the Qristal SDK, an open-source software development kit for researching applications ...

OQC sees UK's largest quantum computing investment ...

5 Jul 2022 — Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) has raised £38m ($46m, €47m) in the UK's largest investment in quantum technology.

Israel to build open architecture quantum computer

21 Jul 2022 Quantum Machines (QM) leading establishment of the Israel Quantum Computing Centre using technology from the UK and the Netherlands.

UK steps up quantum investments

8 Nov 2021 — A £50m round is backing quantum research in the UK into hydrogen detectors, quantum data centres and new clocks and sensors.

Open design for large scale quantum computer

5 May 2022 — An international team of researchers have developed an open design for a trapped ion quantum computer. The international collaboration. led ...

Europe's quantum tech on show at MWC

24 Feb 2022 — The European Quantum Flagship is showcasing advances in quantum technologies and encryption for telecoms applications at Mobile World ...

CEO Interview: Building a quantum computing leader in Europe

11 Jan 2022 — French quantum computing technology developer Pasqal has merged with ... CEO and co-founder Georges-Olivier Reymond tells eeNews Europe.

UK opens up £6m quantum technology competition

Innovate UK has opened its third competition for commercialising quantum technologies with a £6m fund.

ADI looks from 5G to quantum and 6G

4 Jul 2022 — Thomas Tzscheetzsch, technical director of Analog Devices for Europe, talks to Nick Flaherty on embedded trends, from quantum and 6G to ...

CEO Interview: Jeremy O'Brien, PsiQuantum

10 Nov 2021 — Prof Jeremy O'Brien, CEO of the world's best funded quantum computing startup, talks to Nick Flaherty about his plans and concerns for the ...

PsiQuantum taps GF to get to a million qubits 

26 Mar 2021 — Photonic quantum computing pioneer PsiQuantum is working with Globalfoundries to build a million-qubit photonic quantum computer by 2025.

Quantum startup raises $15m for million qbit machine

4 Jul 2022 — Several companies are developing large scale photonic quantum computers, most notable PsiQuantum in the US which has raised $665m according ...

Quantum computing pioneer raises $450 million

27 Jul 2021 — Photonic quantum computing company PsiQuantum Corp. (Palo Alto, Calif.) has raised $450 million in a Series D round of financing.

€10m boost for quantum technology development

21 Jan 2022 — A €10m research project in Finland with Rockley Photonics to accelerate the development of quantum technologies for computing, ...

Infineon steps up move to quantum

15 Feb 2022 — Infineon Technologies is stepping up its involvement in the development of quantum computing and sensing technologies in Germany and Europe ...

IQM raises €128m in Europe's largest quantum computing round

Project to look at first quantum data centre

6 Dec 2021 — The Smart Internet Lab in Bristol is to develop the first blueprint for a quantum data centre.

UK signs quantum technology deal with US - eeNews Europe

4 Nov 2021 — A Joint Statement will see the US and UK governments cooperate on Quantum Information Sciences and Technologies (QIST)

Quantinuum extends UK quantum UK hub with IBM deal

23 Feb 2022 — Quantinuum, the quantum computing company formed from Honeywell's technology with software from Cambridge Quantum Computing, is expanding ...

SureCore expands into control logic for quantum computing

31 Aug 2021 — UK memory IP developer SureCore is looking to expand its SRAM technology into ultra-low temperature quantum computing control chips.

Quantum chip lab opens in London

7 Feb 2022 — Quantum Motion has opened a laboratory in London as the next stage in the development of a CMOS chip for quantum computers.

UK photonics design centre for quantum and space

Fibonacci boost for quantum computer error correction

Europe leads first World Quantum Day

Multiplexing qubits for larger quantum computers

6 Jan 2022 — Researchers at EPFL, Hitachi Cambridge and Quantum Motion Technologies have developed a technique for time and frequency multiplexing of qubits ...

Amazon quantum computing comes to Europe with OQC

2 Dec 2021 — Amazon Web services is to add Lucy, an 8 qubit quantum computer, to its Bracket service in Europe.

European project for commercial silicon quantum processor

3 Feb 2021 — The €15m ($17.7m) QLSI (Quantum Large-Scale Integration with Silicon) project aims to produce a 16 qubit quantum processor in commercial ...

EU Foresight report highlights semiconductors, quantum ...

Quantum technologies, semiconductors, materials and digital skills are key areas for technology in Europe says the EU Foresight report

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