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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Top articles on eeNews Europe in 2023

By Nick Flaherty

The data from 2023 has highlighted key shifts in the electronics market through the pages of eeNews Europe.  

There was significant interest in the top 25 global and Chinese chip companies, and the Chinese ownership of Nexperia in the Netherlands leading to the sale of the Newport fab in the UK to Vishay has been a major theme throughout the year. The supply chain issues have died down a little, with new plants in India of particular interest.

Of the advances in quantum technology throughout the year, the Rigetti 84 qubit quantum processor was the most read article in the year, while the early use of ChatGPT showed that design IP was leaking out at Samsung and other chip makers.

Raspberry Pi is of regular interest to the readers of eeNews Europe, and the coming together with Arduino was a key article in the year.

RISC-V was a key trend through 2022, but surprisingly hasn’t made it into the top ten for 2023, perhaps indicating its move into the mainstream, with the first general purpose microcontrollers from Renesas emerging in December.

The sanctions against China drove much of the interest in articles through the year, with the theft of data from equipment maker ASML and the development of a source of extreme UV light for leading edge chip manufacturing.

It was the race for room temperature superconductors that captured the imagination, from a new material called Reddmatter though a failed demonstration and a new patent for a material that is in development.

 But it was the prospect of a ceramic solid state battery shipping to car makers that captured the imagination of readers through the year as the most read article. The rise of safer solid state batteries with longer range is a continuing area of interest, with several firms shipping samples through 2024.

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