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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

All the news from Nvidia GTC 2024, a third battery gigafactory for the UK and the start of the self-diving VW ID.Buzz

By Nick Flaherty at eeNews Europe

Selling shovels in the AI gold rush

Feature articles | March 22, 2024

Jensen Huang received a rockstar welcome in front of 11,000 people in a stadium in San Jose this week. As…



Volkswagen moves to production of self-driving ID.Buzz

Business news | March 23, 2024

Volkswagen is the first vehicle manufacturer to develop an autonomous Level 4 service vehicle for large-scale production, initially using technology…

IAR looks for new CEO

Business news | March 22, 2024

Richard Lind is to step down as CEO of development tool vendor IAR in Sweden. He has informed the board…

Siemens to buy ebm-papst industrial drive business

Business news | March 22, 2024

Siemens has signed an agreement to acquire the industrial drive technology (IDT) business of ebm-papst for an undisclosed sum. The…

Keysight teams for first full line rate 1.6 T Ethernet test

Technology News | March 22, 2024

Keysight Technologies and Credo Semiconductor have demonstrated the industry’s first full line speed testing of 1.6Tbit/s Ethernet over active copper…



UK to see third battery gigafactory

Business news | March 24, 2024

A third UK battery gigafactory is set to be announced according to reports over…

Delta looks to 48V to 0.7V direct conversion for GPUs

Technology News | March 21, 2024

Delta is developing direct conversion of 48V data centre power bus to 0.7V to…

NGK looks to Europe as it doubles power substrate production

Business news | March 22, 2024

NGK Insulators is planning a European plant for its silicon nitride ceramic substrate technology…

Wright sets up off grid power lab

Business news | March 18, 2024

US electric engine developer Wright is setting up an off-grid power lab using its…

e-peas raises €17.5m for energy harvesting PMIC

Business news | March 21, 2024

Belgian chip designer e-peas has raised €17.5m for its energy harvesting power management IC…

Norway signs EU battery materials deal

Business news | March 22, 2024

The EU has signed a deal with Norway to to develop sustainable land-based raw…

Eggtronic sidesteps Power factor Correction requirements at 70W

Technology News | March 21, 2024

Eggtronic in Italy has developed a high efficiency flyback architecture for 70W AC-DC converters…

First wide input hot swap controller for telecoms

News | March 22, 2024

Infineon Technologies has developed the industry’s first -48 V wide input voltage digital hot…

ABB buys SEAM Group for power predictive maintenance

Business news | March 21, 2024

ABB is to acquire the SEAM Group in Ohio for its predictive maintenance technologies…

 TT Electronics wins aerospace power project

Business news | March 20, 2024

TT Electronics in the UK has won a ‘substantial’ funding award for aerospace power…

Vertical GaN startup Odyssey closing with asset sale

Business news | March 20, 2024

Vertical GaN pioneer Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies has agreed to sell its assets for US$9.52…

Floating connector for high-speed automated manufacturing

New Products | March 19, 2024

Harwin in the UK has launched a fine pitch board-to-board power and data floating…

Friday, March 01, 2024

Hallucinating radar and 5G on a Raspberry Pi 5 in top February stories

By Nick Flaherty

Hallucinating radar, a possible processor ban in Europe and 5G on a Raspberry Pi were all among the most read article on eeNews Europe in February.

The latest results from Renesas Electronics highlight the challenge so the industrial market for chip makers, while the results from Wolfspeed gave more insight into the challenges of ramping up its silicon carbide fab in the US. CHIPS Act funding in the US was also key to the GlobalFoundries expansion and new fab, which will include gallium nitride production.

At the same time there was significant interest in how to chose a charger for lithium batteries, which includes the developing use of GaN  transistors.

STMicroelectronics  is continuing to drive integration in its STM32 microcontrollers, adding graphics controllers, while researchers in the US found a way to make car radar systems see things that are not there. The results of the research are a key message for the developers of radar sensors and processing algorithms.

February also saw the risk of some older Intel processors being banned in Europe. The patent case being brought by R2 Semiconductor has implications for the region.

The top stories in February covered emerging technologies. ARM launched its chiplet IP support for future devices, while Belgian research lab imec is aiming to set up a lab in Spain. This would be near to the Vodafone lab that has been working with ARM on the latest wireless chips, and also developed a second generation of its ‘basestation in a box’. Developed with Lime Microsystems in the UK, this provides 5G coverage and will support the use of the latest Raspberry Pi 5 boards.

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Thursday, February 01, 2024

Top articles in January: CES 2024, Onio and Innatera's neuromorphic RISC-V AI chip

By Nick Flaherty

With the industry returning after the holiday break, the CES 2024 show in Las Vegas quickly kicked off with substantial automotive and battery news.

Among the top ten articles in January were the latest radar system from Provizio and a low cost radar chip from TI, NXP launched single chip 28nm RFCMOS radar and ST moved its graphics accelerator into microcontrollers.

While AMD issues a notice that it is to discontinue its CPLDs and low end FPGAs, researchers have identified room temperature superconductivity shown in graphite. A variety of battery technologies were popular articles in January.

Schaeffler is set to show silicon solid state battery while a scalable nuclear battery developed in China uses diamond for 50 year life. Alongside these articles, Acculon in the US has started production of sodium ion battery cells and packs. This marks a key step in development of sodium battery technology where Europe is a major player.

Technology around the RISC-V open instruction set architecture was also among the top ten articles. ONiO in Norway talked to Nick Flaherty about its ultra low power RISC-V microcontroller that aims to eliminate the battery in designs for the Internet of Things, while Sameer Wasson, the CEO at MIPS. Talked to Peter Clarke about the company’s continuing RISC-V reboot. Alongside, tool developer Segger combined ARM and RISC-V support in a single integrated development environment (IDE), while the most popular articles are Innatera’s launch of its RISC-V neuromorphic edge AI microcontroller at CES 2024.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Top articles on eeNews Europe in 2023

By Nick Flaherty

The data from 2023 has highlighted key shifts in the electronics market through the pages of eeNews Europe.  

There was significant interest in the top 25 global and Chinese chip companies, and the Chinese ownership of Nexperia in the Netherlands leading to the sale of the Newport fab in the UK to Vishay has been a major theme throughout the year. The supply chain issues have died down a little, with new plants in India of particular interest.

Of the advances in quantum technology throughout the year, the Rigetti 84 qubit quantum processor was the most read article in the year, while the early use of ChatGPT showed that design IP was leaking out at Samsung and other chip makers.

Raspberry Pi is of regular interest to the readers of eeNews Europe, and the coming together with Arduino was a key article in the year.

RISC-V was a key trend through 2022, but surprisingly hasn’t made it into the top ten for 2023, perhaps indicating its move into the mainstream, with the first general purpose microcontrollers from Renesas emerging in December.

The sanctions against China drove much of the interest in articles through the year, with the theft of data from equipment maker ASML and the development of a source of extreme UV light for leading edge chip manufacturing.

It was the race for room temperature superconductors that captured the imagination, from a new material called Reddmatter though a failed demonstration and a new patent for a material that is in development.

 But it was the prospect of a ceramic solid state battery shipping to car makers that captured the imagination of readers through the year as the most read article. The rise of safer solid state batteries with longer range is a continuing area of interest, with several firms shipping samples through 2024.

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