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Monday, October 23, 2023

Sony's Afeela electric car ... Pasqal's quantum photon processor ... Dracula's solar cell inkjet printing factory ... 6G projects

By Nick Flaherty

Sony EV joint venture shows Afeela prototype

Business news | October 21, 2023

Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) is to show its high tech concept prototype vehicle next week in Japan with an open…

T-Systems to build automotive digital twin in Europe

Business news | October 20, 2023

T-Systems is using Nvidia’s Omniverse software running on a sovereign European cloud platform for an automotive digital twin. T-Systems will…

Pasqal teams for photonic quantum processor

Technology News | October 20, 2023

Pasqal has teamed up with pan-European researchers on a photonic quantum computer powered by neutral atom technology. Pasqal is working…

80m kilometres of power grid needs replacing says report

Market news | October 22, 2023

A global study has found that the world must add or replace 80 million…

Rolls Royce restructures to bring engineering and safety together

Business news | October 18, 2023

Rolls Royce is restructuring its business to bring its engineering and safety operations together…

Wallbox buys the assets of ABL for €15m

Business news | October 20, 2023

Wallbox in Barcelona has bought the operations and assets of German EV charger and…

Dracula plans Europe’s largest OPV plant with inkjet printing

Business news | October 17, 2023

Dracula Technologies is building a fully automated factory for organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices that…

Eaton breaks ground on $100m transformer plant

Business news | October 17, 2023

Intelligent power management company Eaton has started a $100m expansion of its Nacogdoches, Texas…

OmniOn Power enters EV charger market

News | October 20, 2023

OmniOn Power, the former US ABB Power Conversion business, has moved into the EV…

$35m for 200mm GaN-on-silicon at GlobalFoundries

Business news | October 19, 2023

GlobalFoundries has been awarded $35m to accelerate volume manufacturing of its gallium nitride (GaN)…

Conduction cooled 1200W AC-DC power supply for harsh environments

New Products | October 18, 2023

Powerbox has launched a ruggedized 1200W AC-DC power supply for harsh industrial environments and…

Resideo sells off its low voltage cable business

Business news | October 17, 2023

Resideo Technologies, the smart home spin off of Honeywell, has sold its Genesis Cable…

EV fast charger with multivoltage input

New Products | October 17, 2023

Liteon Technology in Taiwan has launched its first Electric Vehicle (EV) DC fast charger…

Wirepas Click board is MikroE’s 1500th

New Products | October 20, 2023

MikroElektronika (MikroE) has launched its 1500th Click board add-on development board, adding the Wirepas Mesh wireless connectivity…

€130m for 27 6G projects in Europe

Technology News | October 20, 2023

The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) has announced the 27 projects…

CEA-Leti R&D programme to improve V2X for driverless cars

Technology News | October 20, 2023

CEA-Leti has announced an R&D initiative to improve wireless vehicle communication for driverless cars.

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Raspberry 5 cooling ... Tiny Tapeout 5 opens ... Boost for cobalt-free lithium battery ... SKT's AI pyramid

By Nick Flaherty

Power and cooling challenges of the Raspberry Pi 5

Technology News | September 29, 2023

The higher performance of the Raspberry Pi 5 has led to significant changes in the design of he board. The…

Tiny Tapeout 5 opens for submissions

Business news | September 29, 2023

The fifth open source chip manufacturing project has opened for submissions. Tiny Tapeout 5…

Nvidia, SEEQC partner to develop quantum-GPU interface

News | September 29, 2023

Quantum computer startup SEEQC (Elmsford, New York) is partnering with Nvidia to develop an all-digital low-latency chip-to-chip interface between any…

GaN Systems launches fourth generation power transistors

Technology News | September 29, 2023

GaN Systems has launched its fourth generation gallium nitride transistors. The e-mode devices target…

Power drives SK Telecom to AI pyramid strategy

News | September 27, 2023

Korean telecoms firm SK Telecom (SKT) is aiming to pivot to being a full stack…

First non-rectangular fabric for high temperature EMI shielding

New Products | September 28, 2023

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin has overcome patent issues to launch the industry’s…

Negligible voltage decay for cobalt-free battery

Technology News | September 29, 2023

Researchers in China have developed a cobalt-free lithium battery with minimal voltage decay using…

Cable Assembly controller for USB-C cables up to 54V

New Products | September 28, 2023

Infineon Technologies has launched an Electronically-Marked Cable Assembly (EMCA) controller for USB-C cables with…

16bit MCU adds accelerator for power supply control

New Products | September 29, 2023

Renesas Electronics has launched a 16bit microcontroller with a dedicated accelerator for power supply…

Quick lock M15 rugged power connector

New Products | September 30, 2023

The latest Power Bayonet Connector from binder is suitable for power supply and signal…

Compact VCSEL proximity sensor slashes power in wearables

New Products | September 28, 2023

Rohm has developed a VCSEL-based proximity sensor for wearables such as earbuds and VR.

Low leakage 3 phase EMC filter for robotics

New Products | September 27, 2023

Schaffner has developed a series low leakage 3 phase EMC current filters with flexible…

Medical 15W DC-DC converter has 2:1 input and extended temperature

New Products | September 27, 2023

CUI has launched a 15W medical grade DC-DC converter with a 2:1 input range…

Witricity, FLO team for EV wireless charging

Business news | September 27, 2023

Canadian developer FLO is working with Witricity on wireless charging systems and with Hubject…

Miniature 40W medical AC-DC modules offer easy integration

New Products | September 26, 2023

XP Power has launched a family of single output AC-DC power modules with power…

EnOcean raises VC cash to drive IoT acquisitions after collapse of SPAC deal

Business news | September 26, 2023

Energy harvesting pioneer EnOcean has raised a ‘significant’ investment from a venture capital group…

Epishine replaces CEO to focus on growth

Business news | September 26, 2023

Swedish indoor solar cell maker Epishine is appointing a new chief executive to focus…

Three team for battery-free real-time IoT asset tracking

Business news | September 25, 2023

Energous is teaming up with edge computing supplier Veea and energy harvesting IoT tag…

Sample kit for ten TVS diodes

New Products | September 26, 2023

TDK has launched a sample kit with ten different types of ultra-compact TVS diodes…

Tool boosts interoperability of eSIM, iSIM services

Technology News | September 29, 2023

The Trusted Connectivity Alliance (TCA) has released a free tool to boost the interoperable deployment…

Jacinto 7 SMARC module for edge AI

New Products | September 29, 2023

congatec in Germany has launched a series of SMARC modules with the Texas Instruments…

Raspberry Pi 5 moves to disaggregated architecture with in-house silicon

Technology News | September 28, 2023

Raspberry Pi has launched its fifth generation board with a new architecture based around…