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Quantum technology in Bristol and Bath

The Bristol and Bath region is a global centre of excellence for quantum technologies. As the host of the UK Technology Hub for Quantum Communications Technologies at the University of Bristol (see below) the region is developing a range of quantum technologies from sensors to security for communications systems in the Internet of Things and smart cities.

The University also hosts a world leading Quantum Photonics research group, and a Doctoral Centre for Quantum technologies that generates new startups every year. Stories on the local quantum startups are on TechSpark news hub below.

The world’s first quantum photonics chip was developed in the city and is now on show at the UK’s Science Museum. While super-cooled general purpose quantum computers are being developed, the room temperature quantum photonics technology, based on standard CMOS technology, can be used for a wide range of sensing and security applications.  

National and international companies have a number of ways to tap into the skill base in the region. The Quantum lab is keen to work with companies looking to use quantum technologies in future products. The Invest In Bristol and Bath (IBB) agency can help companies looking to seamlessly set up research and development groups in the region to tap into the local expertise and help with future expansion.

For more technology activity please contact Nick Flaherty. Companies looking at options to set up in Bristol and bath, or wanting to make use of the research please contact John Bradford for support in an introduction to IBB.


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Accelerator scheme provides salary and MBA-level training
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Quantum Leap for Univerisity of Bristol
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Get involved with Bristol’s Quantum Innovation Lab in March 2018

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Bristol demonstrates potential of quantum technologies

HP in Bristol is hosting the event on 23rd November
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Top tech incubators in the South West

Updated: Get the lowdown on the best tech incubators in the Bristol and Bath region, all in one place
29TH AUGUST 2017

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