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Thursday, February 01, 2024

Top articles in January: CES 2024, Onio and Innatera's neuromorphic RISC-V AI chip

By Nick Flaherty

With the industry returning after the holiday break, the CES 2024 show in Las Vegas quickly kicked off with substantial automotive and battery news.

Among the top ten articles in January were the latest radar system from Provizio and a low cost radar chip from TI, NXP launched single chip 28nm RFCMOS radar and ST moved its graphics accelerator into microcontrollers.

While AMD issues a notice that it is to discontinue its CPLDs and low end FPGAs, researchers have identified room temperature superconductivity shown in graphite. A variety of battery technologies were popular articles in January.

Schaeffler is set to show silicon solid state battery while a scalable nuclear battery developed in China uses diamond for 50 year life. Alongside these articles, Acculon in the US has started production of sodium ion battery cells and packs. This marks a key step in development of sodium battery technology where Europe is a major player.

Technology around the RISC-V open instruction set architecture was also among the top ten articles. ONiO in Norway talked to Nick Flaherty about its ultra low power RISC-V microcontroller that aims to eliminate the battery in designs for the Internet of Things, while Sameer Wasson, the CEO at MIPS. Talked to Peter Clarke about the company’s continuing RISC-V reboot. Alongside, tool developer Segger combined ARM and RISC-V support in a single integrated development environment (IDE), while the most popular articles are Innatera’s launch of its RISC-V neuromorphic edge AI microcontroller at CES 2024.

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