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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Low cost design kit for flexible electronic paper

French electronic flexible paper display maker Nemoptic has launched a low cost prototyping set for its BiNem Display.
This allows system integrators to test the performance of Nemoptic's HVGA (320x480) bistable nematic Liquid Crystal Display technology and to develop applications for consumer and professional products using an e-paper display, inexpensively.
Potential applications include electronic shelf labels (ESL), Point-Of-Sale displays, e-books, e-newspapers, Ultra-Mobile PCs, e-dictionaries, industrial sensors, and mobile phones.
"Nemoptic's BiNem Display HVGA prototyping kit enables electronic engineers to get a real test drive of our technology on all kinds of e-paper display applications, existing and new," says Thierry Emeraud, VP Sales & Marketing at Nemoptic. "They will find it easy to create and show images on a BiNem display, since this prototyping kit can be used either in a stand alone mode or interfaced with their own development platforms. The kit's low price, one-eighth of the price of comparable LCD prototype kits, may also be an incentive for testing."

The EUR300 kit uses a 4.8 inch, mid-to-high resolution (120dpi) black and white display that is mounted directly on a driving electronics board, which makes the module a convenient one-piece. This dot-matrix zero power display offers the highest contrast ratio on the market (greater than 10 at 120dpi), excellent readability in reflective mode at all angles, as well as fast-refreshing speed. There is a hardware interface in the form of a flat cable and a software interface that can adapt to most existing processors.
Created in 1999, Nemoptic, headquartered near Paris, has raised more than 35 million Euros and operates a production unit in Sweden.

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