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Saturday, June 06, 2009

USB3.0 shipment starts

NEC Electronics starts shipping the industry's first Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller (part number µPD720200) for the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 standard (see TI below, which ships at the end of the year).
The µPD720200 device is a host controller for PCs and other digital devices, and is based on the new version of the SuperSpeed USB standard that supports transfer speeds of up to 5Gbit/s. This aims the part not only at PCs but also digital TVs and DVD recorders, transferring 25 GBytes of video content on a blu-ray disc in 70s, compared to 14 minutes to transfer the same content when using the high-speed USB 2.0 with 480 Mbit/s transfer.
Perhaps surprisingly, NEC has been leading in USB chips, shipping the world's first USB 2.0-compliant host controller in 2000.
NEC Electronics expects the market for USB 3.0 to begin a rapid expansion, with monthly production expected to reach approximately 1,000,000 units in September 2009. It intends to market the $15 µPD720200 controller aggressively, and to offer a range of related products by incorporating USB 3.0 communications as an IP (intellectual property) core function in various application specific ICs.

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