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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cambridge Consultants launches Bluetooth development kit

DEVA hardware platform enables developers to quickly design and test differentiated Bluetooth products

Cambridge Consultants has launched a comprehensive development platform for the rapid development of highly differentiated Bluetooth products and mobile accessories.  The DEVA platform allows electronics and software engineers to rapidly prototype and test accessory products that deliver new features for users before committing to final product hardware.  By accessing the full power of the BlueCore-5-Multimedia device from CSR, it enables the development of highly differentiated products that maintain very low product cost.
DEVA can be used to develop a range of novel Bluetooth products - from mobile phone accessories and headsets, including for Apple’s iPhone, to wireless payment systems, industrial remote control devices, sports activity monitors or telehealth sensors that can be compliant with the Continua Health Alliance’s guidelines.

The key value of the DEVA platform is that has been optimised to work with all of Cambridge Consultants’ existing software tools and libraries, including its generic Bluetooth tool, xIDE for Interface Express, its Continua Compliant wireless health platform, VENA, and its Internet service accessory platform, CatchNet.  DEVA can also be used with CSR’s BlueLab development suite.

DEVA provides developers with access to the comprehensive features and processing power of CSR’s market leading BlueCore-5-multimedia chip.  DEVA includes a 128x128 monochrome LCD display, three user-interface buttons and LEDs allowing rich user interfaces to be developed for the product.  With USB, Serial and MicroSD interfaces for data integration, a range of GPIO, and both digital and analogue stereo audio connection, DEVA can support the development of complex products that have the lowest possible cost in their final manufactured form.  Being battery powered, DEVA provides a completely wireless experience.
“DEVA has been designed to provide a comprehensive environment for the development of sophisticated Bluetooth products,” said Tim Fowler, Commercial Director at Cambridge Consultants. “Not only does it speed the development of new versions of established Bluetooth products such as headsets with added capabilities, but it is also enabling the rapid development of new devices in many more diverse markets - medical applications are one example.  We have used our extensive experience in this market to deliver a development platform that gives designers a real head start in creating truly differentiated products.”
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