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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Ten power trends for 2018

By Nick Flaherty

See the top ten power trends for 2018 at eeNews:

Power and the management of power has become a vital element for the design of a vast array of electronic equipment. From new battery technology to power mobile phones, nodes in the Internet of Tings and electric vehicles to the management and transmission of megawatts of power in data centres, power technology has emerged as a driving force in the industry in recent years.

2018 is set to be a highly significant year as many of the innovations and developments in power over the last decade come together to drive new design approaches and significant new capabilities. Here are the top ten trends from eeNews Power Management:   

1. The GaN Inflexion
2. Free space wireless charging
3. USB-PD and USB-C
4. Fast charge vs high capacity batteries
5. Light weight batteries
6. High power charging networks
7. Thin film solar cell sheets
8. Energy harvesting for wearables
9. Data centre power management
10. High voltage DC transmission

Find out more about each trend at

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