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Friday, July 12, 2019

Posix operating system runs on manycore chip

By Nick Flaherty

French multicore chip maker Kalray is supporting the eMCOS POSIX1 Real Time Operating System (RTOS) from eSOL in Japan to run on Kalray’s MPPA intelligent processor. The deal is aimed at Automotive, Industrial and Medical Markets. This support extends the already existing eMCOS Core profile that has been available for several years on the MPPA architecture.

eSOL supports the AUTOSAR automotive standard allowing the use of a wide range of applications on the MPPA processor including advanced control frameworks like Robot Operating System for robot control, Autoware for autonomous driving, and other embedded software frameworks. eSOL also has a strong presence and experience on medical and industrial markets.

eSOL’s distributed microkernel architecture enables optimal use of manycore processors such as Kalray’s MPPA, especially with the transition from MPPA 2nd generation Bostan to 3rd generation Coolidge, reusing similar tools to develop applications.

“Massive system consolidation especially on the automotive domain, are now becoming realistic architecture option with the impressive amount of power available on the current and next-generation of Kalray’s intelligent processor” said Masaki Gondo, eSOL CTO. “eSOL and Kalray will continue this fruitful cooperation to provide relevant optimized and integrated solutions to satisfy our joint customers’ ever-growing needs for performance, safety and security.”

"Disruptive technology such as Kalray’s MPPA needs development environment such as eSOL’s eMCOS to enable smooth adoption at customers for a wide and growing range of applications. eMCOS POSIX provides a full-featured RTOS ensuring POSIX compatibility to OEMs, with the capability to execute multiple applications in parallel” said St├ęphane Cordova, Vice-President of Embedded Business Unit at Kalray, “Combining eMCOS with the high performance of MPPA® processors gives customers a unique solution for a fast ramp up."

The eSOL POSIX multi-process RTOS offers the capability to define complex systems such as autonomous vehicles. While eMCOS Core provides a PSE51 single-context POSIX API for high-performance parallel computing, eMCOS POSIX adds PSE53 multi-process POSIX support for advanced software integration where more memory is available.

eSOL and Kalray are also cooperating to provide AUTOSAR-compliant software platforms, including both AUTOSAR Classic Platform and Adaptive Platform, to conform to modern automotive standards. This integration will help customers aggregate more functions on MPPA®-based systems, while still meeting the isolation and safety level requirements.

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