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Sunday, January 12, 2020

MicroEJ teams with NXP for wearables

By Nick Flaherty

MicroEJ has teamed up with NXP to put its virtualisation technology on small processors for wearable devices. 

The deal means the MicroEJ Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) can be used on the latest i.MX RT devices that are aimed at appliances and wearables.

Constrained by a small, potentially round screen size, and a high pressure on electronic costs, wearable manufacturers have to constantly juggle between the quality of the graphical user interfaces and the processor size. MicroEJ’s virtualisation software makes design easier and faster: programmers quickly develop their product on virtual devices with fast iteration cycles, reuse user interface components, and cutting-edge languages technologies to design sharp graphics and fonts in vector format, smooth scrollbars and animations, with easy to manage activity applications for best-in-class user experience.

MicroEJ VEE extends across NXP’s MCU and microprocessor extensive portfolio -  from the LPC and Kinetis MCUs to the i.MX RT crossover MCUs and i.MX applications processors, optimised for for each specific design. The memory footprint of under 50KB provides energy saving by using hardware accelerators, multi-cores, its smart RAM optimization, its  low deep sleep consumption, and its optimal BSP integration.

The combined solution includes an application store in order to store, reuse, share and deliver software components (virtual devices, hardware device references and applications), compatible across NXP’s portfolio. It allows customers to create secure app-oriented connected ecosystem, speed-up their time-to-market and scale-up product functionality in order to stay in touch with customer expectations.

“MicroEJ technology is currently used on millions of IoT devices across the world, and the demand is expanding amongst manufacturers,” said Dr. Fred Rivard, CEO of MicroEJ. “By using the combined solutions from both NXP and MicroEJ, a customer can now achieve highly desirable IoT products, produced in less time, at a very attractive price.”

“MicroEJ’s virtualisation technology with NXP’s i.MX RT crossover MCU brings a highly integrated solution for wearable and appliance applications,” said Joe Yu, Vice President and General Manager of the Low-Power MPU & MCU Product Line at NXP Semiconductors .“This collaboration helps free customers from the complexity of design, allowing them to spend more time in other areas and accelerate their time to market.”

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