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Monday, October 24, 2022

Chip war bites ... TSMC 1nm ... Nanusense e-cig patent ... $2.8bn US battery materials boost

By Nick Flaherty

Chip war, recession bites for semiconductor equipment makers

Market news | October 21, 2022

The latest financial figures from ASML and Lam Research highlight the challenges of the coming global recession for semiconductor equipment…

Google builds embedded AI operating system in Rust

Technology News | October 22, 2022

Google Research has developed a secure open source operating system for embedded systems using machine learning with the Rust language.

Nanusens patents pressure sensor for e-cigarettes

Technology News | October 21, 2022

UK MEMS sensor maker Nanusens is patenting a solution to the problem of false triggers in e-cigarettes. This could lead…

Wireless power implant could help remove brain tumours

Technology News | October 21, 2022

Researchers in the US have developed a wirelessly powered implant that triggers nanoparticles to kill brain tumours. The team at…

100Gbit/s active cables ship to data centres

Business news | October 21, 2022

TE, Amphenol and Molex are sampling 100Gbit/ active electrical cables (AEC) to cloud data centre operators. The cables are powered…



$2.8bn US battery materials boost

Business news | October 21, 2022

The US government is launching a $2.8bn “American Battery Materials Initiative” to boost the…

EU looks to sovereign power GaN supply chain for space

Business news | October 20, 2022

The EU has commissioned a project to develop an independent supply chain for gallium…

GE shows 3.8kV SiC diode

Technology News | October 18, 2022

A team led by General Electric researchers have developed ultra high voltage silicon carbide…

TDK-Lambda secures AC-DC thermal management patent

Business news | October 18, 2022

TDK engineers in the UK have secured a patent that boosts the thermal management…

Magment in US development deal for magnetic concrete

Business news | October 20, 2022

German developer of magnetic concrete Magment has signed a joint development deal for the…

Inside NXP’s OrangeBox: power controllers

New Products | October 18, 2022

NXP Semiconductor’s BlueBox has been a key development tool for automotive engineers. The successor,…

Solid state SiC fast charger runs up to 400kW

Technology News | October 18, 2022

Delta Electronics has developed a solid state transformer (SST) with silicon carbide MOSFETs in…

Supermicro taps Infineon for data centre power

Business news | October 18, 2022

Super Micro Computer is using high efficiency power stages from Infineon Technologies to reduce…

$30m for GaN development at GlobalFoundries

Business news | October 17, 2022

GlobalFoundries is to receive $30m in US government funding to the development and production…



Fast track analog blocks for IoT designs

New Products | October 21, 2022

Agile Analog in Cambridge has launched a complete set of analog functions for developing…

Europe looks to data centres in orbit in €200m boost

Business news | October 19, 2022

The European Commission has announced 49 space projects with €200m of funding, including a…

Analysis: ARM reshuffle preps for IPO

Feature articles | October 19, 2022

The management reshuffle at ARM could look like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic…

TSMC heads below 1nm with 2D transistors at IEDM

Technology News | October 18, 2022

Researchers at leading foundry TSMC are developing transistors with feature sizes below 1nm to…

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