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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Micrium Makes uC/OS-III Source Code Available

Source Code of Popular Real-Time Kernel Now Available for Free Evaluation

By Nick Flaherty

Embedded real time operating system vendor Micrium is to make the source code of the popular real-time kernel uC/OS-III available free of charge to developers who wish to evaluate uC/OS-III, as can researchers, students and others in academia.
To help ensure that developers who try out uC/OS-III will be able to make the most of the experience, Micrium is also making PDFs of the book uC/OS-III, The Real-Time Kernel available for free download. Several versions of this book, each tailored to a different embedded platform, are now available in both print and free PDF editions.
"Together, the uC/OS-III kernel and book provide practically everything needed to get started writing powerful, multitask applications," said Jean Labrosse, founder and CEO of Micrium. "Now these essential tools can be downloaded by busy developers in just a matter of minutes."
For years, developers interested in evaluating uC/OS-II have been able to download its source code directly from Micrium's Web site. Now, the same model is being applied to uC/OS-III.
Under the source-available model, the path from evaluation to production is simple and well defined. Developers begin the evaluation process by downloading source code from the Micrium Web site. Once they've decided to use uC/OS-II or uC/OS-III to develop a product, they must purchase a license for the software from either Micrium or an authorized distributor.
"The source-available model combines the best of the commercial and open-source RTOS worlds, giving embedded systems developers software that is meticulously maintained and supported, yet is remarkably easy to evaluate," said Labrosse. "Micrium's move to make uC/OS-III source available is a reflection of our keen interest in helping developers to overcome the challenges that they confront on a regular basis."
The uC/OS-III source code can be downloaded from Developers who have already completed a successful evaluation of uC/OS-III and are planning to use the kernel in a product can contact Micrium's sales team for licensing.
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