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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mercury uses GPUs for baggage inspection system

Commercial GPUs to speed up baggage imaging

By Nick Flaherty

Mercury Computer Systems is to develop a high performance baggage scanning system based around graphic processors (GPUs). The company, which has been using GPU arrays in military and medical imaging systems since 2004, is using its unique expertise in optimizing algorithms for GPUs and its software framework to enable the scanning systems to deliver ultra-clear images, improving the reliability of results, increasing security and speeding up the screening process at airports and other transportation hubs.
“Mercury has enjoyed a long-standing, multi-year relationship with this market leader, which is known for innovation designed to provide quick response to changing security challenges,” said Didier Thibaud, senior vice president and general manager of Mercury Computer Systems’ Advanced Computing Solutions business unit. “Our expertise at optimizing advanced processing technologies, particularly general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs) enables us to deliver industry leading price-performance, giving our customer a competitive edge. Our seven-year track record of bringing the tremendous processing advantages of GPGPUs to a wide range of military and commercial applications is evidence of this.”
Initially Mercury will provide optimization for back-projection algorithms for performance on Intel x86 processors with GPGPUs serving as specialized co-processors. The company will also deliver a customized software framework to optimize data flow from the sensor to the processing engines and then to the display. The optimization will result in extremely clear images being fed to the threat detection algorithm, reducing the number of false positives and supporting high belt speeds.
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