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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Welcome to the Embedded Blog

Welcome to a new blog for the Embedded electronics industry in Europe. This aims to provide what you need to know about the industry, but it's not a news site. This is the place to come for exclusive news and comment on why the news matters, written by one of Europe's leading electronics journalists. You will also find video clips of interviews with key executives and have access to edited presentations showing more than you usually find in news stories.

If you want the latest up to date news, you can't do better than EETimes at, but if you want some exclusive news and comment on why it matters, the Embeddedblog at is the place to be. By looking across all the different technologies and markets in the embedded space, this blog pulls together trends and opportunities that you might not have seen from sites dedicated to individual topic areas.

The blog will be updated at least once a day from its launch in early September, covering the industry from two angles:

Technology: Processors, FPGAs, IP, Boards, Analogue, Design tools (with an emphasis on ESL), Real time operating systems, memory, test and power technology

Markets: Automotive, Broadcast, Consumer, Industrial, Mil/Aero and Telecoms (fixed and mobile)

Please feel free to contact me on with any comments or leads.

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