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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lynuxworks launches RTOS for FPGA and multicore

Real time operating system vendor Lynuxworks is launching version for multi-core processors, soft processors on FPGAs and tools based on the Eclipse open framework.
“Multicore is already a reality but it wasn’t until recently the tools were available to make it available to almost everyone,” said Gurjot Singh, CEO of Lynuxworks in an interview with the Embedded Blog

The multicore version, LynxOS 5.0, will run on Intel and PowerPC cores and be available in June, with ARM to follow later, said Singh, and will support up to 32 processors in a symmetric multi-processing (SMP) format. Support for different processor cores on one chip will also follow later.
Its latest Linux based operating system, BlueCat Linux Micro Edition (BlueCat-ME) gives full support of the Linux 2.6. kernel. BlueCat-ME, available today, also makes LynuxWorks the first embedded RTOS provider to enable developers to work with Linux on both PowerPC and MicroBlaze architectures and its own LynxOS operating system for PowerPC.
This allows developers to choose whether to use an embedded PowerPC core in the FPGA fabric or use the same OS on a Xilinx part without the PowerPC, or to partition a design across the two processors in a single chip.
BlueCat-ME also offers the benefits of the latest Linux distribution to developers using non-memory management unit (non-MMU) architectures for their embedded systems for the first time.
This is part of a significant move to more processors on FPGAs for embedded designs.
The new tools will be based on the Eclipse Calisto version 3.2 framework. The next version, Europa, is due in June and new versions of the tools will follow three months after that, says Singh.
“We are seeing Eclipse is taking the notice of embedded designers and Eclipse is finding that embedded is becoming more important,” he said.

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