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Friday, January 08, 2010

Toshiba embeds Cell processsor in terabyte OLED 3D TV

Toshiba America Consumer Products has developed a TV that uses the same Cell Broadband Engine processer as the PlayStation3 and an OLED screen.

The heart of CELL TV is the powerful CELL Engine which has 143 times the processing power available in current TV models.  This massive power manifests itself in incredibly enhanced picture quality that is certainly the new state-of-the-art.  True Super Resolution Technology ensures precise image accuracy by sampling multiple frames and restoring the native pre-sampling signal curve.  This process enhances both SD and HD signals for the clearest possible 1080p Full HD picture. Net Resolution+ adds Compression Noise Canceling to significantly enhance Internet content.  This system detects noise compression inherent in low resolution internet content and separates and corrects the image data to produce sharper, cleaner internet images, even on super large screens.  In addition, AutoView RGB combines an ambient light sensor, and a new RGB sensor, to automatically set the brightness, contrast, gamma, sharpness, color saturation, and now color temperature, to ensure the best possible picture in any lighting condition.  CELL TV also boasts ClearScan 480Hz Frame Rate, for a clear, crisp picture for fast motion video.


For the flagship ZX900 Series, Toshiba combined the power of the CELL processor with its new KIRA2 Super Local Dimming LED Display.  KIRA2 is positioned as “Twice as Bright!” as it has an amazing 1,000 cd/m2 brightness.  In addition, KIRA2 also has 512 controllable zones (5X that of previous local dimming models) for precise control over black levels.  This allows the KIRA2 to create an unmatched 9M: 1 Dynamic Contrast, creating the ultimate picture quality package.
CELL TV also has true 3D TV capability, and much more.  For native 3D content, CELL TV uses a Frame Sequential System that changes from 240Hz in 2D mode, to 120Hz for the right eye and 120Hz for the left eye in 3D` mode.  This system accepts multiple 3D input formats, including MPEG4-MVC, RealD, and more.  However, when true 3D content isn’t available, CELL TV has the solution.  TriVector™ 2D to 3D Conversion takes any 2D content and converts it into 3D in real time. This means that with CELL TV you can “Watch Everything in 3D!” including 2D sports, movies, TV shows, video games, and more.  3D TV creates a more immersive home theater experience, and CELL TV’s TriVector 2D to 3D Technology significantly expands the amount of time you can enjoy 3D, truly setting itself apart.

Entertainment server
CELL TV is also a high-end Home Entertainment Server with a built-in 1TB HDD, BD Player, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Content can be downloaded from the Internet, transferred from your PC, or recorded directly onto the HDD from the BD Player. 

The CELL ZX900 Series is the first CELL TV Series, and will be available in large 55” and 65” (diagonal) screen sizes.  This two piece system features a Set-top Box, and a display in the new Genesis Design with a black brushed aluminum bezel with acrylic trim.

“Creating a TV around the CELL Engine has removed previous limitations and allowed Toshiba to create an ultra-premium TV that is also an easy to use home entertainment server,” said Scott Ramirez, VP TV Marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products.  “By combining the CELL Engine with the new KIRA2 LED panel technology, Toshiba engineers have developed all-new levels of stunning performance and comprehensive functionality.  CELL TV provides more brightness, more contrast, more detail, more 3D, more robust connectivity, and more fun than anything we have ever created.”

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