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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Accent Introduces First Transceiver For 802.15.4 Smart Grid Standard

Provides 800Kbit/s for 902-928 MHz and 863-870 MHz bands (US and Europe)

By Nick Flaherty

Italian design house Accent has developed the first transceiver to support both mandatory and optional specifications for the IEEE 802.15 TG4g standard for Smart Utility Networks
The group’s charter is to create a global standard for a PHY amendment to 802.15.4 targeting applications such as smart-grid networks to replace the proprietary RF mesh networks that are currently the dominant technology of choice for Smart Grid deployments in North America, primarily based on FSK technology. The new 802.15.4g standard will enable interoperability among Smart Grid devices, such as smart meters, and more advanced performance capabilities. In addition to defining a common mandatory FSK mode, 802.15.4g currently specifies optional OFDM and MR-OQPSK modulation formats. The task group reflects overwhelming industry support with members from leading utility, equipment, and silicon companies.
The RF transceiver, based on a Zero-IF architecture, is designed specifically to exceed requirements of 802.15.4g across mandatory and optional modulation schemes, including high performance data rates up to 800 kbps and input sensitivities up to -118 dBm. The software reconfigurable receiver has high dynamic range and guarantees better than 30dB SNR on wide range of input levels. Finally, the transceiver features unparalleled integration reducing BOM and external component part count.
“The importance and positive societal benefits of Smart Grid deployments is recognized worldwide, with many countries implementing stimulus and deployment targets to accelerate adoption,” said Federico Arcelli, CEO of Accent. “With the introduction of the 802.15.4g transceiver, Accent continues its track record of enabling Smart Grid equipment vendors with leading technologies in a flexible platform to meet their evolving product needs.”
The transceiver is now sampling with lead customers and is available as a technology option for Accent’s ASMgrid Platform.
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