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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New line of shielded wallets to protect RFID and NFC credit cards from skimming

Faraday caged apparel to protect credit cards

By Nick Flaherty

DIFRwear in the US has launched the first line of wallets, ID badge holders, and passport cases specially designed to protect sensitive information now found on many major credit cards and other forms of identification. These chips often contain private financial and other personal information that can be easily swiped without any person-to-person contact – also known as "card skimming." Resound will target the mainstream media to raise awareness about how the DIFRwear line of wallets can help consumers maintain privacy and ensure security, wherever they go.
RFID and NFC (near field connunications) add convenience by making it easy to remotely and wirelessly transmit information from credit cards, passports, and more. Yet it has also opened the door to more unauthorized data snooping, credit card skimming, and identity theft than ever before – especially for people who are constantly on-the-go. With summertime travel rapidly approaching, many consumers are paying high prices for credit protection, or choosing to leave certain cards at home. Now, they can just put their items in a DIFRwear wallet or passport case, and rest assured that the lining's built-in blocking shield will prevent hacking attempts – from the most rudimentary to the most sophisticated.
"As credit cards become 'smart cards' thanks to RFID technology, the wallets we carry them in need to be even smarter – making sure there's no chance of anyone stealing critical personal information," said Kevin McLaughlin, Principal and Co-Founder of Resound Marketing which is promoting the range. "We think consumers will be excited – and relieved – to know that there's a proven and trusted line of products out there that will keep that information safe, whether they're traveling across the country or around the corner."

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