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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Develop your own NFC 'smart' poster

By Nick Flaherty

The NFC Forum has published a White Paper about developing and deploying NFC Smart Posters, aimed at helping both business and surprisingly consumers, develop their own. 
NFC Smart Posters are objects in or on which readable NFC tags have been placed. Smart Posters use reader/writer mode, one of the three modes of NFC; the other two modes are Peer-to-Peer and Card Emulation. An NFC Smart Poster can come in many forms – it can be a poster, billboard, magazine page, even a three-dimensional object. Information on each NFC tag is read when an NFC device is held close to it. Smart Poster examples include a poster with a web address for buying concert tickets, a museum exhibit sign with in-depth information, a restaurant menu for quick ordering of daily specials, and an in-store display offering special savings to shoppers; many more are described in the paper.
The process for creating Smart Posters is simple enough that consumers can make their own for household use and the White Paper offers helpful information to guide them in this activity says the NFC Forum.
The paper - How to use NFC tags and readers to create interactive experiences that benefit both consumers and businesses - aims to encourage businesses and consumers to implement and use NFC Smart Posters with an easy guide to understanding what an NFC Smart Poster is, what is required to develop NFC Smart Posters, and how to avoid common obstacles when creating them. Through use cases, the paper highlights ways in which NFC Smart Posters are already in use around the world, benefiting industry and consumers alike.
NFC Smart Posters can be of value to retailers, transport agencies, financial services companies, museums, health care providers – any entity with information to share. NFC Smart Posters can deliver a wide range of business benefits, such as cost advantages over other means of communication, relative ease of implementation, and automated interactive communications with target audiences. NFC Smart Posters can also provide an immediately useful call to action on advertisements. 
The NFC Smart Poster White Paper is one of a series produced by NFC Forum members to educate the public and the industry about various aspects of using NFC technology and is available for download at no charge from Appendices include Frequently Asked Questions, a Glossary, and a selection of other available resources.
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