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Friday, September 01, 2017

Top stories in August on the Embedded blog

By Nick Flaherty

August has seen a wide range of stories, from narrowband IoT roll outs to a new SSD format. The interest in the Portugese roll out of smart meters using the LTE network has raised a lot of interest, similar to the interest in the LPWAN roll out across Poland.

The fact that there was more interest in the application of the new ruler SSD format with a new drive for Supermicro than the format itself is also a key point. There is increasing interest in where the technologies are being used.

Security of the IoT remains a strong theme, with the latest reports (from Synopsys of all people) showing up the vulnerabilities of IoT systems, raising the prospect of bots created from the IoT generating 'thingbots'. These have the potential to launch distributed denial of service attacks, and protecting these systems relies on both hardware and software, hence the involvement of Synopsys. Security for cloud-based systems is another area that is attracting more and more attention, as is AI both in the cloud and at the edge.

It's also interesting to see Broadcom start to address the 802.11ax market, aiming to get the same head start as it did for other WiFi standards.


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