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Monday, September 11, 2017

Xilinx boosts Huawei 's cloud server

By Nick Flaherty at

Huawei is using Virtex FPGAs from Xilinx to provide a 10 to 50x boost in performance for machine learning and video and data processing applications in its cloud server.

The Huawei FPGA Accelerated Cloud Server (FACS) is a platform that enables users to develop, deploy and publish new FPGA-based services and applications on Huawei Public Cloud. This is a key design win in the battle against Intel, which bought Altera's FPGA business and is being used in Microsoft's Azure platform.

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The inherent ability of an FPGA to be reconfigured and reprogrammed at any time is a critical advantage in today’s data centres. The hardware can be reconfigured in under a second to provide different instantiations for the next workload, giving significant flexibility that is not available with custom ASICs. The ability to manage this re-configuration in teh data centre is a key step forward.

“The Huawei FACS is a fully integrated hardware and software platform offering developer-to-deployment support with best-in-class industry tool chains and access to Huawei’s significant FPGA engineering expertise,” said Steve Langridge, Director, Central Hardware Institute, Huawei Canada Research Centrr. “Our considerable collaboration, both in the labs and in standards groups, has enabled us to create the best value possible for our customers.”

The FPGA Accelerated Cloud Server is available on the Huawei Public Cloud, and developers can register for the public beta at

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