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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

AMD gets back into the embedded market with focus on mini PCs

By Nick Flaherty

AMD has made its return to the embedded market with Ryzen Embedded V1000 and R1000 processors.

These are being used by ASRock Industrial, EEPD, OnLogic and Simply NUC for Mini PC platforms for the industrial, media, communications and enterprise markets with a planned 10-year processor availability.

“The demand for high performance computing isn’t limited to servers or desktop PCs. Embedded customers want access to small form factor PCs that can support open software standards, demanding workloads at the edge, and even display 4K content, all with embedded processors that have a planned availability of 10 years,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager of  Embedded Solutions, AMD. “This is why many of our technology partners have chosen AMD Ryzen Embedded processors to power their Mini PCs. We are excited to work together and provide the industry with a new open ecosystem for small form factor computing.”

The value this time, says AMD, is the Mini PCs have access to an existing embedded processor ecosystem that supports open software standards, while providing OEMs the capability to create unique, customisable platforms.

The AMD Ryzen Embedded processors combine the Zen CPU and Vega GPU architectures in an SoC with a power envelope from 6W to 54W in pin compatible packages that powers high resolution, 4K multi-display configurability and high-performance 3D graphics.

The key is that the Mini PCs support a growing list of software partners with pre-validated packages based on open source software. These partners include Radeon Open Compute (ROCm), OpenCL™, and more. As well, these Mini PCs can run software for machine vision, object detection, edge inference, and analytics from AMD software ecosystem partners, creating a platform that’s well suited for applications that require fast deployment.

ASRock Industrial with its 4X4 BOX – R1000V and 4X4 BOX – V1000M systems aim to deliver cost-effective, high-performance and versatile embedded Mini PCs for home entertainment, business and industrial applications.
EEPD's SBC PROFIVE NUCV and SBC PROFIVE NUCR embedded Mini PC product family is focussed on minimal space
OnLogic's ML100G-40 and MC510-40 are the first two systems in a line of AMD powered small form-factor computers that leverage the reliability and lifecycle benefits of OnLogic's expertise in building industrial and rugged devices.
Simply NUC with the Sequoia V8 and Sequoia V6, which are rugged, long-lasting units to power digital signage displays, electronic kiosks, data arrays, and other free-standing utilities

"Simply NUC has excelled in making small form factor PCs for a while, but when we took a look at our product roadmap, we noticed a gap in providing our customers with high-performance, long life platforms," said Aaron Rowsell, CEO at Simply NUC. "With the new Simply NUC Sequoia platform, we get to take the high-performance capabilities and planned longevity of the AMD Ryzen Embedded processors and combine that with the Simply NUC experience and create a minicomputer that’s small in size but not on toughness or reliability.”

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