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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3GSM: TI looks at low power DDR2 for next generation mobile chip

Texas Instruments is finalising the architecture of its next generation chip family for mobile phones which is expected to be called OMAP4.
"Memory bandwidth is the issue," says Rick Wietfeldt, chief technical officer of the handset division at TI, so there are discussion on supporting the LP-DDR2 low power memory interface currently being developed by JEDEC with a 533MHz 32bit wide interface.
The current generation, OMAP3430 and 3420, use TI’s Imaging Video Accelerator (IVA2) to handle high definition TV encoding and decoding. From external suppliers, the chips use the ARM Cortex A8 processor core and are the first to use the SGX 3D core from Imagination Technologies and an interconnect from Sonics.

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