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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

SiBeam launches IP licensing for 60GHz consumer and PC products with WirelessHD

SiBeam Gen 2 Chipsets and IP Licensing for 60GHz WirelessHD at CES
60GHz wireless chip and system developer SiBeam has entered mass production with its second generation chipsets as well as launching an IP licensing program to address increased demand for embedded 60GHz solutions in new market segments within the CE and PC industries.
 SiBEAM already powers wireless high definition consumer electronics products available worldwide from Best Buy, Gefen, LG Electronics, Monster, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, and has also announced a strategic partnership with Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics outlet in the United States.
SiBEAM’s second generation chipsets consists of low cost, low power transmitter and receiver chipsets, each including an RF IC and network processor. The SB9220 Network Processor and the SB9210 RF Transmitter may be designed into devices such as A/V receivers, home theatre-in-a-box systems, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and media centre PCs. The SB9221 Network Processor and the SB9211 RF Receiver chipset may be used in digital televisions, monitors and front projectors. SiBEAM’s second generation chipsets include all the features of the first generation plus the following advanced features:
  • Low cost, mass adoption price points
  • Lowest total power consumption for multi-gigabit wireless - ideal for CE systems via the elimination of the need for active cooling
  • Smaller form factor - suitable for inclusion in super slim DTV panels and smaller profile devices, such as Blu-ray players and notebook PCs
  • 3D video support
  • Integrated HDMI and LVDS
  • The only solution that offers support for both HDCP 2.0 and DTCP
  • Worldwide regulatory approvals
  • Backchannel (LR)-audio for enhanced surround sound capability
Newly Launched IP Licensing To Power Increased WirelessHD Growth
Building momentum to expand SiBEAM application areas with its second generation chipsets, SiBEAM launched an IP Licensing program to kick-start the development of embedded designs with WirelessHD technology. Through this program, SiBEAM will partner with industry leaders and provide incentives for the development of both fixed and portable WirelessHD A/V applications. SiBEAM will provide program participants with access to its full SB9220 chipset IP core that includes the MAC, PHY and embedded beam steering algorithms, WirelessHD SB9220 technical training, the SB921x WirelessHD RF Transceiver interface, verification environment and IP documentation
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