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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strong bounce for consumer electronics in 2010 says IMS Research

2010 Consumer Electronics Outlook up on 2009, 2008

Despite a 5% decline from 2008 to 2009,  IMS Research sees relatively strong growth in smartphones, portable media players, set-top boxes, LCD televisions and refrigeration appliances for 2010, which are expected to significantly contribute to global CE revenues of $406 billion during the year. Global revenues for consumer electronics reached $375 billion (excluding home office equipment and low-end mobile phones) in 2009. Combined revenues for years 2010 to 2012 are forecast to pass $1.3 trillion.
"In addition to typical CE devices such as TV sets, set-top boxes, digital cameras, smartphones and netbooks, we are expecting to see increased revenue for the CE industry in major home appliances and telehealth, not to mention the nascent connected tablet market," said Shane Walker, IMS Research’s Consumer Electronics Group Manager. "Contributions to the 2010 Yearbook from our Power & Energy and InMedica research groups show that refrigeration units and room air-conditioners will account for 60% of major home appliance revenue and 19% of overall CE revenue. While telehealth remains an emerging category for CE, consumer-led telehealth services could prove to be the disruptive influence required for professional care authorities to drive telehealth forward”.
The new study, The Consumer Electronics Yearbook – 2010 edition, provides detailed market analysis on 40 product types covering portable consumer devices, active speaker systems, PMP docking stations, digital picture frames, home theater systems, televisions, appliances and home medical equipment. It offers a concise and unique perspective on the consumer electronics industry through both quantitative and qualitative analysis compiled from several studies recently produced by IMS Research.
A few additional key findings from the study include:
  • After replacement rates for digital cameras fell by 5% in 2009, revenues are forecast to increase in 2011 and 2012 on growth in shipment volumes. Revenues will begin to decline slightly starting in 2013 as average prices continue to drop.
  • Portable navigation device sales are forecast to grow in India and South America as improvements in accurate up-to-date mapping increase.
  • Households displaying Internet video on the TV set via a game console, proprietary device, or a Blu-ray player comprised the vast majority of total Internet TV households in 2008 and 2009. 
  • HD 1-Way set-top boxes experienced a temporary spike in shipments as a result of the US NTIA Set-top Box subsidy. After 2009, IMS Research expects HD 1-Way boxes to hold steady at 6-7% of total shipments.
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