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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Rugged COM Express Type 10 Module with Intel Apollo Lake-I processor

By Nick Flaherty

MEN Mikro Elektronik has launched a low-power rugged COM Express module that uses the Intel Atom E3900 series of processors. The low power consumption, virtualization support and safe board  management controller mean the robust module is aimed at embedded designs in harsh environments and safety-critical applications.

The CM50C is an ultra-rugged COM Express Mini module that is compatible with the Type 10 Pin-Out and conforms to the VITA 59 standard which specifies the mechanics to ensure reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions.

The E3900 CPU series has a power dissipation envelope of 7 to 16 W with 4 cores and integrated quality graphics as well as Intel VT-x virtualization support. This allows a hypervisor to run multiple applications on a single hardware platform, saving physical hardware and costs.

The board management controller provides enhanced reliability, reduced downtime and is certifiable up to SIL 2. A Trusted Platform Module and the secure/ measured booting means fast cryptographic execution is supported and the module supports interfaces such as Digital Display Interfaces, HD Audio, PCI Express and Gigabit Ethernet. 

In accordance with the Rugged COM Express standard, the CM50C is embedded in a solid aluminium frame that protects the electronics from environmental influences such as humidity, dust, vibrations or EMC radiation and also enables operation in the extended temperature range from -40 to +85°C via Conduction Cooling. The processor's 15 years long-term availability ensures an extended product life and future-safety for a wide range of applications.

For less demanding applications, a standard COM Express variant without frame is also available.

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