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Monday, September 10, 2018

Flexible circuit can be produced on a home printer

By Nick Flaherty
Students from Canada has developed a technique to produce flexible electronic circuits on an unmodified home printer in under 3 minutes, writes eeNews Europe.

Perumal Varun Chadalavada and Gowtham Ramachandran from the University of Toronto were frustrated by the week-long wait between sending a printed circuit board (PCB) design for fabrication and receiving a prototype to test.

So they developed the Printem Film, a multilayer stack of different photosensitive materials that fits into a home printer to create the final copper circuit patter. Printing the circuitboard pattern on the Printem Film with a normal office printer creates a photo-mask that, when exposed to light from a laptop or phone, initiates a reaction that selectively "sticks" the copper to the substrate. When the user peels back the layers, the copper 'tears' in exactly the right pattern to create the final circuit, all in under three minutes and for US$15 to $20.

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