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Friday, November 02, 2018

First Secure Cloud Controller Flash Memory for IoT Devices

By Nick Flaherty

NanoLock Security and Winbond are set to launch the first system to securely protect and manage IoT devices from the device’s persistent memory all the way to the cloud.

“As IoT devices become more connected, the cyber threat to those devices also increases. The secure data storage is indispensable in protecting data integrity and confidentiality to prevent cyber threats,” said Hung-Wei Chen, Marketing Director, Winbond. “With nearly zero impact on our bill of materials, adding NanoLock’s IoT security solution and management platform to our secure flash memory chips allows us to provide the essential level of protection for our customers implementing these complex and secure IoT devices.”

The NanoLock and Winbond end-to-end solution ensures IoT devices, such as automotive ECUs/MCUs, cameras, ICS solutions and routers, are protected as well as managed from the cloud. The OS/CPU agnostic solution guarantees flash-to-cloud integrity and mutual protection during regular operations and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates, from the production line and through and after the device’s end of life, all regardless of available processor power, energy consumption and even if the end device is inevitably hacked.

“Securing the flash memory is the most fundamental aspect of device-to-cloud protection. Our collaboration with Winbond signifies the seriousness of the IoT industry’s intent to tackle life-critical vulnerabilities stemming from unprotected IoT systems,” said Eran Fine, CEO, NanoLock. “Our joint solution ensures the network of IoT devices are fully protected and managed during operation and during the update process from the embedded layer to the cloud controlling these devices.”

The NanoLock and Winbond solution is already being tested with multiple joint customers piloting the IoT security and management platform

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