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Monday, November 14, 2022

Nexperia buys power management IC firm ... IBM sees quantum inflexion point in 2023 ... Pacemaker battery boost

By Nick Flaherty

Nexperia buys Nowi to move into energy harvesting

Business news | November 11, 2022

Nexperia has bought Dutch energy harvesting power management chip designer Nowi Energy for an undisclosed sum.

Comau teams to simplify robot control with a single PLC

Business news | November 11, 2022

Industrial automation specialist Comau in Italy is demonstrating the first results of its recent collaboration with Rockwell Automation on a…

Cryogenic CMOS design for quantum chips on 22FDX

Technology News | November 11, 2022

Semiwise in Glasgow has developed transistor SPICE models for cryogenic CMOS chip design and verification using the GlobalFoundries (GF) 22FDX …

IBM sees 2023 as quantum inflexion point

Technology News | November 10, 2022

IBM has launched its largest quantum processor with 433 qubits and a range of hardware and software technologies that it…

AMD pushes CXL, chiplets with latest data centre processor

Technology News | November 11, 2022

AMD has launched its latest data centre processor with up to 96 cores and support for the CXL1.1 memory interface.

Infineon to show AI-driven smart air conditioning system

Technology News | November 11, 2022

Once dominated by Asian suppliers, global heating means more energy efficient air conditioning is…

Energy boost for pacemaker batteries

Technology News | November 11, 2022

Researchers at MIT have boosted the energy of nonrechargeable primary battery cells by 50%…

Ruggedised micro data centre for edge processing

New Products | November 10, 2022

Power giant Schneider Electric has launched a ruggedized micro data centre to put more…

Semtech, Exeger show solar powered IoT sensor location

Business news | November 10, 2022

Swedish solar cell developer Exeger is working with Semtech in the US for a…

Navitas GaN FETs for tiny USB-C charger with OLED screen

Business news | November 8, 2022

Australian designer Chargeasap has used GaN FETs from Navitas and graphene cooling for a…

EU signs battery material deal with Kazakhstan

Business news | November 7, 2022

The EU has signed a deal with Kazakhstan on supply of raw materials and…

Verkor buys Siemens site for battery R&D Lab  

Business news | November 7, 2022

French battery startup Verkor has raised more than €250m for its Innovation Centre in…

300W half-brick DC-DC converters for railway power

New Products | November 8, 2022

TDK has launched two half-brick DC-DC converters for railway power systems with the TDK-Lambda CN-110B

SES signs deal to launch European quantum crypto satellite

Business news | November 11, 2022

SES has signed a deal to launch a European end-to-end Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)…

0603 LED range for low current, low light applications

New Products | November 10, 2022

Rohm has launched a series of 0603-size (0.6inch × 0.3inch) / 1608-size (1.6 mm…

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