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Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Top ten articles on eeNews Europe in October

By Nick Flaherty

10 Schaeffler is looking to bring German automotive tier one suppliers Vitesco and Continental back together in a deal that simplifies the corporate structure. The two separated two years ago.

9 GaN Systems launches its fourth generation GaN power transistors as it becomes part of Infineon Technologies.

8 RISC-V pioneer SiFive is to lay off around 130 staff, around 20% as it re-align its business in supplying IP to chip designers.

7 European chip designer Tachyum is to build a supercomputer for a US customer that will be capable of 50 exaFLOP performance using its Prodigy chip that is set to sample shortly.

6 Mathematics from the 18th century is showing a way to simpler AI models compared to today’s models with billions of parameters.

5 SemiDynamics in Spain is showing the first fully coherent RISC-V Tensor unit for AI chip design

4, 3 IEDM coverage was also popular in October. Micron showed a DRAM-like non-volatile memory for AI, while Intel, TSMC both reported on stacked complementary FETs (CFETs) that are expected to be the successor to gate all around (GAA) devices for sub-1nm process. The conference also saw a compound semiconductor design from imec achieving record 1.46THz frequency for 6G applications.

2 TSMC looks to standardise chiplet protocols in a move that could shake up the development of complex chips.

1 Raspberry Pi launched its Pi 5 board with a new architecture and there are moves to unify the peripheral interfaces with Arduino.



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