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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Finally! - NXP Semiconductor (Philips Semis as was) wins a set top box deal for its Nexperia chip!

But the deal with taiwanese box maker Wistron NeWeb is probably more important as it is the first time that the software from Cambridge-based Amino Communications has been used outside of Amino. The coppany has been working to open up its Intact operating system to other box makers, and this as the first deal is key. It won't do NXP any harm as the platform of Nexperia + Intact can now be used by others

"This is the first port of IntAct's proven software in a STB design from a company other than Amino Communications. The combination of the optimised IntAct software with a powerful silicon solution from NXP will enable WNC to bring a high-performance product to market rapidly. By using IntAct, WNC will eliminate the need for substantial R&D resources required to ensure such widespread interoperability with other elements of the IPTV supply chain."
said Bob Giddy, CEO of Amino.
"By basing our design on the STB810 reference platform running the IntAct software, we have been able to produce a compelling product with a variety of configurations. Our customers in the emerging markets can now use equipment with widely proven software, at a cost that competes with the local big name manufacturers,"
said Haydn Hsieh, CEO & President of Wistron NeWeb.
"Our customers will also be able to apply their own corporate branding to the equipment, thus making the link in consumers' minds between the service and the provider."

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