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Monday, September 25, 2006

Prize time?

The EUROPEAN ICT prize has been launched, with a total of EUR700,000 to be awarded to innovative projects.
The deadline for the European Information and Communication Technologies Prize is 4 December 2006, with 3 grand prize and 20 winners announced in February next year. Applications from any enterprise or lab in Europe can be made online at
The idea is to highlight innovative companies that convert novel ideas into marketable products, but they can only be as good as the applicaiotns - previous years have been somewhat mediocre, as I recall, and it is absolutely VITAL that Europe demonstrates its expertise in innovation. Last years projects seem to be mostly software-based, so some hardware innovation would be welcome.
All applications are assessed by independent experts from 16 European countries (so there will be lots of fighting) and an executive jury, composed of executives from 19 European countries will propose the Grand Prize winners (so there will be be lots of politics as well).
The selection criteria include technical excellence, innovative content, potential market impact, capacity to generate employment (politics!), contribution to the acceptance and understanding of ICT in society, and likely social impact.
Apply! Make it good. After all, you could win EUR200,000!

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