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Friday, October 27, 2006

Poor viewing figures for mobiles

Only 3% of subscribers in the UK watch TV on their mobiles, either downloaded or streamed, and that is less than the number that upload pictures to blogs from their phones.
The latest research from Telephia shows that a third of these are watching BBC1, while another third are waching Sky Sports. But the dire state of mobile video downloads goes to highlight the potnetial problems of video on TV. Yes, making it easier to watch by a streaming channel might boost the takeup, but the quality and the size of the video is still not conducive to watching TV on a phone.
What people are doing is uploading video from the phone to websites such as YouTube and then watching them on the PC, which is a very different mechanism. Another Telephia report from the US shows that the same proportion, 3%, are uploading video to websites (which is 8m people). In Europe, uploading is driven by the Spanish (15%), Italians (14%) and then UK (12%), and the leading phone by miles is the Motorola RAZR, followed by the Nokia 6101

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