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Thursday, March 05, 2009

OpenVPX looks to overcome interoperability issues

An alliance of defence prime contractors and embedded computing systems suppliers has opened membership to its Technical Working Group to form the OpenVPX Industry Working Group.

The group was set up to tackle system-level interoperability issues associated with the VPX (VITA 46) family of specifications. VPX is one of the 'successor' specifications to VME and VME64 but unlike these is still suffering from interoperability issues between different manufacturers.

Although the group is hosted by Mercury Computer Systems, one of the leading users and developers of VPX, any COTS defense contractor or embedded computing supplier that is in good standing with the VITA Standards Organization (VSO), and is committed to the OpenVPX Industry Working Group’s mission and aggressive schedule for completion of a system specification, is invited to apply for membership to the Technical Working Group.

The VPX (VITA 46) roadmap

“The overwhelming response to this initiative exceeded our expectations, and we’re delighted to open enrollment to the Technical Working Group,” said Ian Dunn, CTO, Mercury Computer Systems.

“The Boeing Company supports the OpenVPX initiative as part of our ongoing efforts to work with the industry to develop standards that promote the interoperability of systems and assemblies,” said Jim Robles, Boeing Senior Technical Fellow. “We welcome the opportunity to work with LSIs and vendors of VPX products in this effort."

“GE Fanuc has long been committed to the VPX architecture and to its potential to revolutionize military embedded computing, and we very much welcome this initiative that will lower the risk of adoption of VPX systems, expand the market and accelerate deployment,” said Jim Berlin, CTO, Embedded Systems, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “We’re looking forward to building on the charter set at our first meeting, and moving ahead to complete a system specification in order to provide the necessary top-down, system-level design guidance.”

Once the OpenVPX system specification is transitioned into VITA, the Working Group will disband.

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