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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wittenstein moves open source to microcontrollers...

Wittenstein High Integrity Systems has launched a fully integrated version of its OpenRTOS kernel with USB and FAT file system capability to reduce development times.

The real time OS, based on the FreeRTOS but with support, is designed to run efficiently on the new generation of small and medium 32bit microcontrollers, with the initial release supporting the NXP LPC2xxx, ARM 7 and Freescale Coldfire V2 architectures. The product shortens development time for applications using USB or flash memory considerably.

OpenRTOS CONNECT is a high performance middleware platform based on, and compatible with, FreeRTOS, the world’s favourite open-source microcontroller RTOS, which has a large, rapidly growing embedded developer community. Users are able control costs, developing projects on the free kernel and migrating to OpenRTOS later in the development cycle. OpenRTOS is commercially licensed and supported, easy to use, memory efficient and optimised for 32-bit controllers.

It provides a full featured FAT 12/16/32 based, DOS compatible file system designed for embedded applications requiring PC compatible media, for example SD and other common flash based devices. A lightweight file system version is also available for configurations with limited resources. The USB host, device and class drivers support all four USB transfer types and enables the development of embedded applications fully compliant with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0.

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