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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Microtune plans DAB SDR chip

Microtune is planning to develop a version of its software defined radio chip for the DAB standard used across Europe.
The current version supports AM/FM and HD radio but not DAB, making it a potial problem for equipment makers for the European market. The problem is that some key European countries such as Germany use the higher frequency L band. THis can be supported with a separate receiver chip, linked to the same disgial signal processor chip, still reducing the complexity and bill of materials, but not as much as a fully integrated solution.
"We have a tuner subsystem that's a discrete solution that sends data to the same DSP and the DAB data is demodulated in software on that DSP," said Peter Kipfelsberger, automotive marketing director at Microtune. "For L band it needs to be a separate tuner IC and that makes it difficult from a tuner perspective. But we are targetting a similar solution and we expect volumes to increase over the next year and we have plans to design a similar product for DAB."

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