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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

What are the most influential products to use MIPS or PowerVR?

By Nick Flaherty

Last month TIME magazine tried to compile the ultimate tech catalogue counting down 50 of the most influential gadgets of all time. They put the Raspberry Pi at 45, close to the Segway at 48, but this got the engineers at Imagination Technologies  thinking about the most iconic products to use MIPS CPUs and PowerVR GPUs

(By the way, the top product for TIME was the iPhone)

After careful deliberation, here are the top picks from Imagination, from the PowerVR graphics in the original iPhone to the MIPS-based Nintendo N64 and the SGI Indigo workstation:


  1. The Matrox m3D graphics card
  2. The SEGA Dreamcast game console
  3. The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone
  4. The Sony PlayStation Vita portable game console
  5. The original Apple iPhone


  1. The SGI Indigo workstation
  2. The original Sony PlayStation game console
  3. The Nintendo N64 game console
  4. The NEC Cenju-4 supercomputer
  5. The Tesla Model S electric car
To pick your favorite from the two lists, simply click on the links below and vote in our poll! 

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