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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

This week's power news

Thisweek's power news from EETimes Europe

. Full sized battery-powered helicopter takes flight

. Energy harvesting power management chip startup starts production

. Acquisitions impact power chip vendor rankings

. First fully integrated DDR memory power chip for industrial and automotive

. 15W Qi wireless transmitter takes on wired chargers


. Stacked perovskite solar cell tops 17% efficiency

. Flexible battery retains charge after twisting in wearable designs

. Water-cooled braking resistor increases vehicle energy efficiency


. High current 780W power interface module for ATCA applications

. 1500W modular power supply series has lowest acoustic noise and full MoPP isolation

. Sofware-less fan motor drivers simplify appliance design


Power Trends: Customization and consolidation drive the market - Excelsys Technologies

Power Trends: Heliatek on a roll

Intersil looks to 48V opportunities after takeover


Digitally-enhanced analogue power controllers improve support for battery charging and DC-DC converters

Switch design kit is aimed at self-powered IoT

Single chip for rugged wireless charging of wearable devices

Half-Bridge 600A IGBT module gives flexible and reliable power conversion

Single chip for rugged wireless charging of wearable devices


The promise and challenges of LED lighting: a practical guide

New Nordic Engineering: Battery powered wireless sensor networks

Linear Technology: How the Internet of Things Can Take Advantage of Wireless Charging & Energy Harvesting

Intersil: A smarter way to power wearables

SiLabs: CMOS isolated gate drivers enhance power supplies


High Integrity Software conference; Nov 1st, Bristol, UK

Electronica adds hall to dedicate two to power

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