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Thursday, April 27, 2017

ST launches cloud connected IoT dev kit

By Nick Flaherty

STMicroelectronics has launched an  IoT development kit with modules for Bluetooth low energy (BLE), sub-GHz RFand Wi-Fi, with a dynamic NFC-tag IC with printed antenna to a high-performance, ultra-low power STM32L4 microcontroller all on the same board as a range of sensors.

A MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope IC and MEMS magnetometer for 9-axis motion sensing, a barometric pressure sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, two omnidirectional digital microphones, as well as a FlightSense time of flight proximity and gesture sensor can all be added with no extra integration via industry-standard Arduino and Pmod expansion connectors.

The $53 Discovery kit lets users take advantage of ST’s X-CUBE-AWS expansion software to connect to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT platform, and access tools and services in the Cloud, such as device monitoring and control, data analysis, and machine learning. Support for other Cloud providers will be added in future, as well as software function packs that provide all the components needed to prototype end-to-end IoT solutions, including pre-integrated full application examples.

The heart of the kit is an 80MHz STM32L475 32-bit microcontroller that combines the ARM Cortex-M4 core featuring DSP extensions, 1MB on-chip Flash and ST-Link debugger/programmer on-board so that no external probe is needed. It can be used with ARM Keil MDK-ARM, IAR EWARM, or GCC/LLVM-based Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including free AC6 SW4STM32, or with mbed online tools.

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