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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Embedded blog hits 1000 posts

By Nick Flaherty

The Embedded blog is over ten years old now and has hit the venerable highlight of 1000 posts (according to Google analytics, although it seems to be closer to 1400 posts having gone back to the start - there's the problem with automation right there). The embedded design market has come on tremendously in that time, with the Internet of Things, and more recently IoT security gaining a significant amount of interest.

Even back in 2010 we were looking at the IoT: Internet of Things Takes a Step Forward,
Electric Cloud tackles variants of embedded software

And at cars being hacked: Researchers hack cars

As well as the tiny controllers for Silicon Dust that was bought by Linear Technology and are now part of Analog Devices: World's Smallest Flash Microcontroller Package for Silicon Dust

But we started with The end of plasma and 70in LCD displays back in August 2006. Worth a look!

Here are the top stories from the last ten years and those 1000 (1400) posts:


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