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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Virtual prototyping platform boost with models for IoT and Security

By Nick Flaherty

Imperas Software in Oxford, UK, has launched new models for virtual prototyping of IoT and security systems

The new Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) models for ARM (ARMv8.1), Imagination Technologies (MIPS I6400), RISC-V (32 bit and 64 bit) and Renesas (RH850) processors provide hardware simulation that is twice as fast as previously. This allows embedded software developers run more tests in less time on the virtual models. 

"The automotive, IoT and security markets are expanding rapidly, and deserve specific solutions to address them. Focus on performance, models, and productivity are critical areas of investment for Imperas, to help developers accelerate development and test and improve quality in the embedded software world," said Simon Davidmann, president and CEO of Imperas.

Rick O’Connor, Executive Director, RISC-V Foundation commented: "Imperas virtual platforms and models for the open RISC-V architecture will enable early software development, long before hardware is available… lower software development costs, increase quality, improve time to market, and reduce software development risks."

"We are delighted to be working with Imperas to deliver the fastest Instruction Accurate (IA) simulation solution for our many MIPS partners," said Imagination Technologies. "We’ve been impressed how Imperas’ simulation technology significantly outperforms other commonly-used solutions. Faster simulation results in more tests being run, and therefore higher quality software being developed - and that’s good news for our extensive MIPS ecosystem community."

"The Imperas virtual platform environment is amazingly easy to use," said Masaki Gondo, CTO of eSOL. "Starting with the RH850F1H EPK, we were able to get eMCOS running in our custom RH850 virtual platform in only two weeks. Also, the simulation performance is even faster than real time". "Virtual platforms are moving into the mainstream of embedded software flows. Imperas tools and models lead the market (with) complete and comprehensive solutions," said Shuzo Tanaka, Vice President of eSOL TRINITY.

Imperas virtual prototyping solutions support over 170 processor models, including ARM, Altera, Synopsys (ARC), Imagination Technologies (MIPS), Renesas, RISC-V and Xilinx cores.

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