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Monday, February 19, 2018

Serial CPCI module with quad-core A72 CPU

By Nick Flaherty

MEN Mikro Elektronik is luanching an ARM-based CPU module in a CompactPCI Serial form-factor for embedded designs later this month.

The G40A uses the NXP ARM quad Cortex A72 LS1046A CPU with NXP data processing accelerators, fast PCI Express 3.0, USB 3.0, SATA Gen. 3 interfaces, Ethernet interfaces on front and an integrated Ethernet switch.

The G40A is a high-performance and low-power multicore CPU platform based on an ARM Cortex A72 processor with 15 year support. Being full-virtualization ready, it was designed for communication-intensive applications in harsh environments, which need high data bandwidth and computing performance, such as data collection applications onboard trains, in industrial or heavy-vehicle applications.

The MEN proprietary board management controller (BMC) monitors the G40A optional parameters such as voltages, temperature and provides a user-configurable watchdog, making it ready for applications where functional safety is required.

The memory configuration of the module includes a fast DDR4 DRAM with ECC soldered to the board to guarantee optimum shock and vibration resistance. A non-volatile SRAM, an eMMC NAND Flash device and a microSD card can also be assembled offering space for user applications or usable as a local boot medium.

The G40A is prepared for use in harsh environments with a tailored heat sink, and all components are soldered for protection against shock and vibration and it is also coated for use in humid and dusty environments.

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