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Friday, February 16, 2018

ThreadX adds IoT support to RISC-V processor

By Nick Flaherty

Real time operating system vendor Express Logic has ported its X-Ware IoT Platform onto Microsemi’s Mi-V RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISAs) soft processors. 

These open surce cores run on Mircosemi's FPGAs with the Mi-V ecosystem bringing together a number of suppliers involved in the development of RISC-V to streamline such designs.

The X-Ware IoT Platform combines the ThreadX RTOS, the FileX embedded FAT file system, the embedded GUIX UI framework, the NetX/NetX Duo embedded TCP/IP protocol stack, and the USBX embedded USB support for embedded system designs.

In contrast to RISC-V, X-Ware IoT Platform contains no open-source code, provides high performance, with a small footprint. It automatically scales to use only what is needed by the application, making it suited to the smallest low-power IoT devices.

In addition to the performance and size advantages of the X-Ware IoT Platform, Express Logic’s ThreadX, FileX, and NetX Duo have attained high levels of safety certifications. They include IEC 61508 SIL 4, IEC 62304 Class C, ISO 26262 ASIL D, EN 50128 SW-SIL 4, UL 60730-1 Annex H, CSA E60730-1 Annex H, IEC 60730-1 Annex H, IEC 60335-1 Annex R, and IEC 60335-1 Annex R, 1998. It also includes advanced security protocols, including NetX Secure IPsec, TLS, and DTLS.

“With over 6.2 billion ThreadX deployments, we are pleased that Express Logic has expanded its X-Ware IoT Platform support to the Microsemi Mi-V RISC-V ISA for our award-winning PolarFire FPGAs,” said Tim Morin, Director of Strategic Marketing, Microsemi. “This development effort not only supports our needs but also contributes to the entire RISC-V development community. Customers can now select RISC-V for their new designs and have industrial-grade IoT connectivity and security without compromise.”

“Express Logic is pleased to be a foundational part of Microsemi’s Mi-V RISC-V ecosystem,” said William Lamie, President of Express Logic. “Our X-Ware IoT Platform, powered by the industry-leading ThreadX RTOS with over 6.2 billion deployments, is the preferred embedded software platform for all designs requiring industrial-grade run-time solutions, making it an ideal fit for serious products based on the RISC-V architecture.”

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