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Friday, June 08, 2018

Kerlink teams with Microshare for IoT GDPR support in the Google cloud

By Nick Flaherty

LoRaWAN provides long distance low power IoT connectivity, but unlike other proprietary links the cloud integration can be lacking. The recent GDPR regulations in Europe also require that data is held securely across the entire IoT chain.

To address this, Kerlink and Microshare have developed the first seamless integration of carrier-grade LoRaWAN solutions into Google Cloud’s IoT architecture.

This ensures security of data flowing from LoRaWAN devices to extended IoT networks. As device-generated data is securely transported, annotated and unpacked in LoRaWAN networks to create context and actionable business insights, ownership rights and origins will be stamped and respected. That means network owners will be compliant with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, the EU regulation that took effect on May 25. Most important, Microshare’s governance, audit and micro-contracting features means users can share data among ecosystem partners securely to produce efficiencies, insights and new revenue streams.

Google Cloud joined the LoRa Alliance as a Sponsor Member at the end of May, enabling Kerlink and Microshare, both active alliance members with a partnership built around LoRaWAN IoT development, to use Google Cloud.

“By integrating Microshare and Kerlink’s technologies in Google Cloud, we can create carrier-grade solutions at cloud-scale in hours rather than months,” said Yannick Delibie, Kerlink CTIO and CEO of the company’s U.S. subsidiary, Kerlink Inc. “Reducing the burden of security, scale and reliability allows both solution providers and customers to focus on rapidly delivering valuable business insights with their LoRaWAN networks.”

“We’ve seen rapid adoption of LoRaWAN as a leading enabler for easily deploying cost-effective IoT sensors globally, and we view Google’s decision to join the alliance as a validation of everything Microshare has been pursuing for the past three years,” said Ron Rock, CEO Microshare. “A lot has been achieved in making reliable, long-battery-life devices and carrier-grade networks, but this means nothing if the data generated and transported is not easily accessible to business users and securely shared between multiple organizations.”

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