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Monday, August 13, 2018

Intel shows 32Tbyte SSD for 1Pbyte racks in data centres

By Nick Flaherty

Intel has shown a 32Tbyte solid state drive (SSD) that can be used to cut power consumption by a factor of 10 in data centre racks.

The Enterprise & Datacentre SSD Form Factor (EDSSDF) format allows the SSDs to be linked up side-by-side with more efficient airflow and a lower 12V supply.

The D5-P4326 PCIe drive can be used in a single 1U server rack to supply 1Pbytes of storage that has 10 percent the power and takes up five percent of the space of traditional spinning disk drives.

“We didn’t just improve density, we improved the thermals,” said says Wayne Allen, director of data centre storage pathfinding for the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group at Intel. "Because [the drive] impacts everything about server design and helps increase performance and reach new levels of density, it’s a big deal. We’re redesigning the data centre with this."

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