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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Supermicro backs Intel ruler SSD form factor

By Nick Flaherty

Supermicro has developed a petabyte solid state drive in the ruler form factor recently announced by Intel.

With a total of 32 NVMe "ruler" SSDs in a 1U system and each with up to 32TBytes, the system provides petabyte scale storage for IoT and big data applications in the data centre. 

Compared to current U.2 SSD 2U storage systems, the new form factor provides more than double the capacity per rack unit and is 40% more thermal efficient. The 1U system will support a half petabyte of NVMe storage capacity this year and a full petabyte early next year.

"Our new 'ruler' based system with 32 'ruler' form factor SSDs in 1U is the latest example of how Supermicro continues to push the innovation envelope for NVMe technology," said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. "With more than double the capacity and 40% more thermal efficiency, this Supermicro 'ruler' system will take us to Petabyte scale in a single 1U system in the near future – an unimaginable territory just a short time ago."

"The 'ruler' form factor for Intel SSD is designed from the ground up with today's data centers' needs in mind, and brings dense storage and efficient management on a massive scale to the data center, breaking free from the legacy of hard drives and add-in cards," said Bill Leszinske VP, Strategic Planning and Business Development at Intel's NVM Solutions Group. "We are excited to, once again, transform the way data is stored, build on our long history of storage innovation and see tomorrow's groundbreaking solutions delivered today using this technology."

With over 100 NVMe based platforms in its X11 server and storage portfolio, the support of Supermicro is a positive more for the form factor. For example, the Supermicro BigTwin system supports up to 24 NVMe drives in 2U as well as 24 memory modules per node.

"Supermicro provides industry leading support for RAM and NVMe density on the BigTwin model that we are deploying for the new Intel Xeon Scalable processors. These systems allow us to support up to 6 NVMe drives per node for a total of 24 NVMe drives in 2U. This addresses the rapidly increasing performance demands that our clients put on our platforms," said William Bell VP of Products at PhoenixNAP which provides cloud, bare metal dedicated servers, colocation and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

Supermicro has also developed 1U and 2U Ultra X11 servers with 20 directly attached NVMe SSDs. These have a non-blocking design, allocating 80 PCI-E lanes to the 20 NVMe SSDs. This approach provides the lowest possible latency to provide up to 18 million IOPS in throughput performance.

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