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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Configurable embedded SSDs provide dynamic overprovisioning

By Nick Flaherty

Embedded applications often require very different workloads and performance metrics. While industrial memory suppliers typically set their solid state drives (SSD) with default overprovisioning (OP) of 7% for client drives or 28% for enterprise storage, this lack of flexibility may be a problem for the embedded system developer.

As a result, ATP has launched Dynamic Overprovisioning (OP) and Mid-Density configurable SSDs that offers end users the flexibility to customise embedded SSDs for an array of task-oriented embedded applications and workloads.

The drives offer 7%, 14%, 28%, 35%, and even over 50% OP configurations. This allows end users to easily evaluate and implement embedded SSDs based on various workloads and assess the optimization process during qualification phase or via in-field performance.

In addition to Dynamic OP, the Mid-Density SSDs offer the standard 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1024GB (1TB) versions, but also offer 96GB, 192GB, 384GB and 768GB to match the system requirements.

ATP is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality and durable NAND flash memory solutions as well as DRAM memory modules.  ATP offers in house design, testing and product tuning with supply chain support with controlled/fixed BOM’s and long product life cycles. 

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